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Selling a Home or real estate in Arlington Virginia. Arlington Virginia REALTORS, real estate agents, brokers: Aldie, Arcola, Ashburn, Bluemont, Chantilly, Dulles, Great Falls, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Philomont, Purcellville, Round Hill, Sterling, Waterford.
A lot of sellers in today’s market don’t want to paint, clean or fix anything when you are at the home on the listing presentation.  The assumption is the house down the street sold last year for more money, and that home does not come close to comparing to theirs!  Even when an experienced listing agent makes recommendations to the seller by…the seller’s refuse to believe them! Why?  They assume their home and situation is different from everybody else that is selling a home.  They feel they have the best home; they have more square footage, the biggest lot in the neighborhood, the best nails and so on! In the seller’s mind, they get an exemption from doing the required work.  They get to pass go, and can get out of jail free! Isn’t that always the way?  The seller’s are making the fatal mistake of comparing themselves to the house down the street that they never really took the time to view all the features that home had. They failed to see that home has been totally updated with new siding, a new roof, new HVAC, has a totally new kitchen complete with new cabinets and granite tops, and master bath with a whirlpool bath!  Oh by the way, heated pool and spa also!  That home sold for a great price, but the sellers always believe, their home is still better! Even the appraiser will have a problem with this one – the seller’s home that you are interviewing has none of the above.  So the appraiser subtracts value.  However, it may be OK to sell a home without upgrades if you are in a sellers’ market and there are no homes in inventory, but that is not the case today in most real estate markets.

Since buyers will view your home with a critical eye because of the current pricing of homes and real estate in your area.  They want to be certain the money they are spending to purchase a property is well spent!  They do not want to overpay for a home that still needs work.  So if the carpets are dirty and original, the carpet padding has lost its resiliency, if there are water stains on the kitchen ceiling, there is rusty water underneath the hot water heater, the paint trim has yellowed, the windows are fogged up, the furnace is gasping, and the home is on the market with none of the needed maintenance taken care of…  the buyer will say “Next!” If the seller does not want to address any of the issues, why should a buyer have to?  There are plenty of other homes to choose from in this market.  Most buyers will keep move forward until they find the right home.  They don’t have to look back over their shoulders! You may be thinking that your agent is not working for you, not holding open houses, not placing ads and classifieds in magazines.  The truth is you are not listening and acting on your agent’s advice.

Yes even without the repairs, or the granite or the upgrades homes will sell, but they are contracting and closing at a much lower than the market price.   It is easier to find this lesson out before listing a home than after. The home seller should know that there are still good buyers and relocating employees willing to buy a home, but they only have a limited time to select a home and move in.  The same way the seller is avoiding any of the issues is the same way the buyer does not want to do any of the projects.  A buyer wants to buy a home, and move in…They do not want to pay for the privilege of taking on a project or projects.  They are like you, avoiding the headaches of lengthy projects!  My advice?  Listen to reasonable advice in the form of wisdom from the experienced agent you have hired to sell your home. Ask for the market statistics to be substantiated.  Compare your homes to other homes in your own community “apples to apples!” Then paint, clean, fix, update, and still price your home or real estate competitively!  It will sell!